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Whiplash: What Is It and How Can a Chiropractor Help?

January 14, 2022

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You’re jamming to your favorite song in the car on your way to work. As traffic gets worse, you slow down to avoid hitting the car in front of you, but the driver behind you doesn’t. Crash! They smash into your back bumper. No one is seriously injured, but you are hurting—you have experienced whiplash.

Unfortunately, whiplash is one of the most common injuries in car accidents, particularly of “rear end” crashes. However, there is hope! Your chiropractor in Dallas can administer treatment to help the tissues heal and help you overcome the pain. Read on to learn more about whiplash and what your chiropractor can do about it.


After a Car Accident: How to Recover from a Back Injury

December 16, 2021

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Slam! The other car came out of nowhere. Your head is replaying what just happened, and you’re a little dazed. As the fog clears, you don’t think anything is broken, but you realize your back hurts after the car accident. What should you do about it? What are the best ways to heal from this injury? Keep reading to learn how to deal with this situation in the aftermath and get back to full health.


Have a Sports Injury? Your Chiropractor Can Help You Heal

November 23, 2021

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man with a sports injury from playing basketball

Every week, you get together with some of your friends and play a pick-up game of basketball. You may not be as young as you used to be, but you still want to make the game competitive. However, in one play, you land awkwardly on your leg, tweaking your knee. After seeing a doctor, you learn that your knee has suffered ligament damage, but there’s not much more they can do for you other than prescribe ice therapy, rest, over-the-counter pain relievers, and a knee brace.

Have you thought about visiting a chiropractor? While many associate chiropractic care with back or neck pain, there are plenty of sports injuries that a chiropractor can address. Keep reading to learn more about what a chiropractor can do to keep you healthy and recover from sports injuries.


A Real Pain in the Neck: How Technology Can Affect You

October 28, 2021

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If you’re like most people, you spend a lot of time on your phone. From checking emails to watching social media videos and updating your followers, you have to stay connected to the world these days. But could the technology you love and need be harmful for you? Could your time with your phone, computer, or tablet be giving you severe neck pain? Keep reading to learn how technology and neck pain are connected and what you can do about it.


Neck Pain After a Car Accident: Answers to Your Questions

September 28, 2021

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chiropractor in Dallas treating a patient with neck pain

At the time, you didn’t think it was a big deal. Your little rear-ending car accident left you without a scratch, but then a few days later, you have severe pain in your neck. You may have several questions on your mind at this point: where did your neck pain come from? What can you do about it? Who should you turn to for help? Your chiropractor in Dallas can answer these questions for you and more! Read on to learn all about neck pain after a car accident and how you can get better as soon as possible.


Wait for It: 4 Delayed Injuries After a Car Accident

August 27, 2021

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person suffering from a delayed injury after a car accident

You feel just fine. The other driver, the police, and the tow truck drivers ask you whether you’re injured after a car accident, but you have no broken bones and aren’t bleeding. You’re not hurt and don’t need medical attention, or so you think. Once the adrenaline has worn off a few hours later, however, you start to feel the effects of the trauma. Here are some of the kinds of injuries you should keep and eye out for following a car accident and what you should do in these situations.


Causes of Upper Back Pain: How to Know If It’s Serious

July 26, 2021

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woman with upper back pain

You feel it right between your shoulders. That pain in your upper back just isn’t going away, and you wonder where did this come from? Although mild muscle strain is often the cause of pain between the shoulders, a more serious condition may be to blame. It’s important to recognize when you need to see a professional so that you get the treatment you need. In this post, you’ll learn about the various causes of upper back pain between the shoulders and how you can get relief.


4 Clear Signs You Should See a Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain

June 25, 2021

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patient talking to a chiropractor for lower back pain

You figured it would go away on its own after a while. It didn’t seem that bad at first. You didn’t want to make a fuss. In your mind, there are plenty of reasons that you haven’t contacted a chiropractor for your lower back pain, and you may be questioning when is the right time to see one. You don’t have to guess anymore! Here are four clear signs that it’s time to schedule that first visit.


What You Need to Know about Lumbar Strains

May 24, 2021

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man with back pain after a car accident or lumbar strain

You didn’t see it coming. All of a sudden, you were hit by another car. Although you haven’t suffered from broken bones or bad bleeding, you now are dealing with back pain as a result of the accident. X-rays don’t necessarily show anything wrong, but your lower back pain can be debilitating. What could be wrong with your back? And more importantly, how can this pain be treated?

Although your injury would need to be evaluated by an experienced expert for a proper diagnosis, the problem could be a lumbar strain. Read on to learn more about this type of injury and what you can do to feel better.


A Pain in the Neck: Cervicogenic Headaches After a Car Accident

April 23, 2021

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person with a headache after a car accident

The morning after your car accident, you wake up with an intense headache. You don’t recall bumping your head in the crash, so you initially think it’s unrelated. You take some Tylenol and forget about your headache, until it returns hours later. Unfortunately, the headaches may be becoming more frequent and more intense, leading you to miss work or miss out on important events.

You wonder—what’s going on? Where did these headaches come from and how can you get rid of them? In this post, you’ll learn about the most common headache that results from car accidents and what you can do about them.

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