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Neck and Spinal Pain? Spinal Decompression May Be the Answer

Serving Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Garland, Addison & More

For patients suffering from chronic back and neck pain, spinal decompression provides effective relief without the use of drugs or other one-size-fits-all solutions that mask the underlying problem. 70% of US adults report suffering from lower back pain at some point in their lives. Ask about spinal decompression if you’re in that demographic or you currently suffer from any of the following concerns:

If any of these concerns applies to you, spinal decompression is effective in treating as much as 80% of these cases. Dr. Chukhman is a Certified Decompression Therapy Practitioner that can help locate your pain and offer long-lasting relief. Most patients we see in need of spinal decompression therapy have already spent countless hours and dollars on visits to primary care doctors and emergency rooms, and these treatments tend to hide the problem by temporarily removing pain rather than removing the source of discomfort.

As part of our ongoing mission to help patients achieve lives free from pain and discomfort, spinal decompression is an excellent way to heal disc damage, relieve chronic pain, and restore a full range of motion. If you’ve been living with chronic back pain or discomfort in Dallas, Richardson, Plano, and the DFW Metroplex, contact Dr. Z at AlignRight Injury & Rehab to find out more how we can relieve chronic pain with spinal decompression therapy.