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Pain Management Care in Dallas, Texas

Get Out of Pain & Get Back on Your Feet… TODAY!

Have you recently been involved in a car accident or personal injury situation? It’s time to contact AlignRight Injury & Rehab. Dr. Zinovy Chukhman and our team will help you through every step of the recovery process. We not only offer the care you need to relieve pain; we also work as your advocate with insurance providers and legal counsel to make sure you recover the payment you deserve from insurance or legal claims. Visit your trusted Richardson chiropractor to relieve pain and restore the full range of comfortable motion.

Auto Accidents

There are thousands of auto accidents every year in Dallas, Richardson, and the surrounding DFW communities of Plano, Garland, Addison, Carrollton and Mesquite. Without proper care following an accident, patients can experience a lifetime of debilitating pain and discomfort. At AlignRight Injury & Rehab, we offer treatments that correct damage and get patients back to regular, comfortable movement. We are also happy to work with your auto insurance company providing all the necessary paperwork to take care of the costs associated with your treatment.

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Workplace Accidents

If you’re injured on the job, restoring healthy, pain-free movement is even more essential. The sooner you’re back to full health, the sooner you can get back to work. AlignRight Injury & Rehab will relieve pain and get you moving using a variety of treatment methods. Our knowledgeable Dallas-area chiropractic team is here to help you get back to full health and relieve the stress associated with workplace accidents.

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Sports/Fitness Injuries

Many athletes experience injuries related to athletic competition, and the optimal performance of an athlete’s body is essential. Without proper function and full range of movement, athletes can’t compete. We provide a range of physical therapies, nutritional counseling, and athletic training. Dr. Z has more than three decades of experience working with professional and amateur athletes to maintain and support optimal body function. Our onsite rehabilitation clinic will renew the full range of motion.

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Spinal Decompression

Many patients with chronic back pain repeatedly visit hospitals and primary care physicians where they receive treatment that address symptoms but not the underlying cause of back pain. Studies show that spinal decompression is effective in treating the root cause of back in 80% of cases. This may include sciatica, herniated and bulging discs, disc extrusion and degeneration, and spinal canal stenosis. Dr. Z is a Certified Decompression Therapy Practitioner, and his goal is to help patients achieve a life free from chronic pain.

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Cold Laser Therapy

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At Dallas Chiropractor, we stay on top of the most advanced technology and techniques. For instance, we utilize innovations like cold laser therapy for pain management. This exciting device emits a low-level light wave that is focused on the hurting area and stimulates new cell growth. As a result, the body heals itself after this non-invasive, comfortable treatment. With the use of heat, cold laser therapy reduces both pain and inflammation and accelerates recovery time.

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