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Knee Decompression Therapy – Richardson, TX

Drug & Surgery-Free Solution for Knee Pain

patient receiving knee exam Your knees have played a vital role in your ability to get around from the moment you started crawling, walking, running, jumping, and more. In order for the joint to work properly, there needs to be enough space between the femur (thigh bone) and shin bone (tibia). Due to injury, aging, and several other factors, it’s possible for this space to become compressed, leading to pain as well as a loss of mobility.

Fortunately, knee decompression therapy in Richardson can be used to reestablish this necessary space, helping with healing while providing relief at the same time. Dr. Z offers it right here at AlignRight Injury & Rehab, and before you schedule an appointment , you can learn a little more about how it works below.

What Is Knee Decompression Therapy?

model of the knee joint This procedure is used to take pressure off of the knee joint by purposefully separating the femur and tibia. This renews blood flow to the area and also allows for healing nutrients to access it, both of which are vital to repairing the loss of cushioning between the bones.

It can be used in conjunction with other treatments including cold laser therapy and more, and Dr. Z will determine which procedures would work best for your situation after giving you a thorough examination and asking about your recovery goals.

The Knee Decompression Process

person holding a painful knee in need of decompression  After Dr. Z has decided that you could benefit from knee decompression therapy, you’ll schedule your first treatment. It is usually broken up into multiple sessions that take about five to ten minutes to complete. For each one, you’ll sit with two straps wrapped around the leg with the injured knee. One will be on your thigh, and the other will be just under the knee.

These will be used to gently pull your femur and tibia in the opposite direction. The result will be a vacuum-like reaction that draws nutrients into the affected area. Any connective tissues (i.e. tendons and ligaments)will be stretched as well, increasing the joint’s flexibility. Over the course of the sessions, the knee will eventually recover the spacing it needs to work effectively and be free of discomfort.

Injuries or Conditions Knee Decompression Therapy Can Treat

older woman holding her knee in pain

Benefits of Knee Decompression Therapy

runner holding her knee   Many patients are drawn to knee decompression therapy because it:

What to Expect After Knee Decompression Therapy

person holding their knee   You’ll likely feel slight soreness after your first couple of sessions, particularly if your knee has a lot of scar tissue or the injury is quite old. Despite this, most patients notice the benefits even after the first visit. When it comes to how many sessions you’ll need and how often you should come in, Dr. Z will make recommendations depending on your needs, because a custom approach is always the most effective!