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Your Chiropractor in Dallas Favors the Texting Ban

June 20, 2017

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The chiropractor in Dallas has good reasons to support the texting ban. According to an article from the Dallas Morning News, on May 19, 2017, the Texas Senate passed legislation to “ban texting while driving across the state.” The article went on to state:

The bill would ban drivers from texting while a vehicle is moving, making it a misdemeanor offense punishable by a fine ranging from $25 to $99, with penalties up to $200 for repeat offenders.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is expected to sign the ban into law, which will take effect on September 1, 2017.

What does your chiropractor in Dallas, Dr. Zinovy Chukhman think about the texting ban? He has seen enough patients with injuries resulting from accidents caused by drivers who text to know than the bill is a good idea. Read on to learn the facts on texting and driving and how you can be a safer driver.

The Dangers of Distracted Driving

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, or TxDOT, one out of five traffic accidents in Texas are now caused by the growing problem of distracted driving. Distracted driving was responsible for 109,658 crashes in Texas in 2016, up three percent over 2015. More than 3,000 crash victims were seriously injured and 455 people died. These crashes were highest among drivers ages 16 to 34.

In 2016, there were 674 accidents in Texas urban areas attributed to texting while driving, and 388 rural crashes. Therefore, TxDOT encourages all drivers to keep their eyes on the road and put their cell phones away.

What is Distracted Driving?

Although texting has become the most talked about driving distraction, there are several others. Basically, if you’re attention is drawn away from the primary task of driving, then you’re distracted. With this in mind, TxDOT urges all drivers to avoid the following activities while driving:

  • Checking email
  • Posting to social media
  • Eating
  • Grooming
  • Reading
  • Watching a video
  • Adjusting the car radio or CD player
  • Programming a GPS device

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

How you can become a safer driver in order to protect yourself, your passengers and bystanders on the road? Simple: give driving your full attention. To do that, TxDOT and Dr. Z recommend putting away your cell phone before you get in the car. If you can, turn off your cell phone. If you need your phone for directions, then make sure that friendly automated voice is speaking the directions so you don’t need to look at your phone while you drive.

In situations where you must use the phone to talk or text, pull off the road to a safe location. Let your family, friends and colleagues know that you won’t answer their calls or texts while you’re driving. You can even download an app that sends an auto-reply letting everybody know that you’re behind the wheel.

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