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Get Back Pain Treatment in Dallas After a Car Accident

July 13, 2018

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two men in front of car accidentWhen traffic is heavy, such as during rush hour, chain reaction car accidents are more likely to occur. Even if you’re at the tail end of the chain, you may still want to look into having back pain treatment in Dallas. Read on to learn more about how a chain reaction car accident happens, what you can do to avoid one, and how to help your aching back.

How Does a Chain Reaction Car Accident Happen?

These kinds of accidents occur when three or more vehicles hit one another in a series of rear-end collisions that are initially caused by the force of the first collision.

For example, let’s consider four cars driving in sequence in a lane of traffic. The driver of the first car stops suddenly. The driver of the second car rear-ends the driver of the first. Then, because the third car was following to closely behind the second car, he also rear-ends the second car. And then the same situation repeats between the third and fourth car. Now, all four cars are involved in the chain reaction car accident.

Who’s at Fault?

Good question. When you file an insurance claim against a motorist in a chain reaction accident, you need to prove liability under the legal theory of negligence. This necessitates determining which driver’s carelessness caused the accident. And if more than one driver was negligent, what is each driver’s share of liability.

Now let’s consider the four cars mentioned above.  What if the driver of the second car rear-ended the driver of the first, and then the third car was not able to stop? In this case, the driver of the first car might feel two impacts and, therefore, be able to collect damages from the drivers of both the second and third cars.

But what if the driver of the third car rear-ended the second car, thereby pushing that second car into the first car? Then the driver of the third car would be liable for damages to both the first and second cars.

Add the fourth driver to the picture and the situation becomes even more complicated.

How Can I Avoid a Chain Reaction Car Accident?

The answer is simple: leave a safe distance between your car and the car in front of yours, so you can stop in time to avoid a rear-end collision. Not maintaining that safe distance is often considered negligence.

If you are in a chain reaction car accident, then you would be wise to see a chiropractor in Dallas even before back pain begins. With proper treatment, you can avoid a lot of discomfort.


Meet the Doctor

Dr. Zinovy Chukhman is the chiropractor in Dallas who is trained and experienced in helping people recover from injuries sustained in car accidents. If you need relief, call the office today to schedule an appointment.

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